Fusion Woodworks strives to supply superior, quality hotel furniture, in a professional and timely manner.

Established in Canada in 1985 and while focused in the residential arena, our family owned and operated business found its niche in the hotel furniture business. 

We bring to our customers decades of combined experience in design, production, and finishing. 

Our professional craftsmanship allows us to lead with our outstanding superior quality hotel furniture, and our improvements on industry standards.

Fusion stands behind its customer commitment with our standard warranty of 7 years.  A commitment unheard of  in this industry.

All of our products are manufactured and finished by hand and within our own Canadian company. 

We control every aspect of the manufacturing and finishing processes, allowing us to provide our customers with superior product and warranty.

We will redesign to match existing hospitality furniture if required.

Professional handcrafted furniture takes time so please contact us ASAP for further information and pricing.