Why Us?

Why we stand behind our products.

Fusion Woodworks uses Dado & Rabbet construction to ensure that all the joints on our furniture are fully interlocking. The inset backs provide superior strength.

No dowel pin construction or surface mount hard board backs are used in fabrication. 

All our moldings and accent pieces are solid wood. There is no plastic or composite material included.

We use a 20 gauge steel headboard and mirror mounting system.

Radius corners on all furniture tops provide safety for your guests, especially children.

Furniture legs are attached with 5/16*3”hanger bolts not screws.

Hand stained finishes provide better saturation into the wood pores as opposed to a spray on finish.



Parts Replacement: Things Happen…

If your furniture does sustain damage, such as (tops/drawer fronts/ drawers) they can be removed and replaced without having to completely replace the furniture.